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"As a local business, positive, personal connections in the community are essential to our success... Not only [is Parents Time Out] awesome to work with, but their events are fun, creative and always have a great turn-out of parents from throughout the area. It's been a terrific way for us to promote our firm, while also getting to know folks on a personal level. "


The Knee Law Firm, Owner

Parents Time Out Sponsor



Looking to grow your audience, get to know your community, or simply build brand awareness?  We can help.

Let's break down our sponsorship opportunities.   Below, you will see our two different categories for event sponsorships.


Events in this category are smaller in nature when compared to all our events.  These events are typically well attended and are ideal to truly get to know the guests as you can easily mingle and create those relationships.     


Events in this category are our most popular events, and typically sell out.  Your brand will get the most exposure from these events.   

What exactly are the perks of sponsoring our events?  While they are extensive, we did our best to narrow it down to a few bullet points.  Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Logo placement on event ticketing page(s)

  • Promotional material is welcomed and encouraged at the events

  • Sponsor is encouraged to attend the event in person to make personal connections with guests.

  • Sponsor is verbally and/or visually recognized during the event.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, we have provided the breakdown of sponsorship packages below.

We only allow one sponsor per industry at our events to allow ultimate exposure for those individual events.  There will be multiple sponsors, but never from the same industry for any one event.

Upon choosing your package, you then get to choose which of our events you would like to sponsor as part of your package (whether it be one individual event or multiple events).  It is a first come, first served basis.  

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