Let's call it what it really is.... PHYSICAL distancing.

We here at Parents Time Out urge you to continue to connect with the world around you in safe ways. While we must keep physical distance from one another during this time, there's many ways to keep that social life alive, for everyone's sanity.

Here are ways to keep your social lives up and running.


Video Chat

Zoom Snapchat Messenger Marco Polo Skype FaceTime Ring Central Houseparty Teams Google Hangouts WhatsApp



Call, text, send a funny GIF. Just stay connected to those you care about. It's the easiest way to check in on people and let them know you're thinking of them.


Walk By's

Miss seeing someone's face and happen to live nearby? Schedule a walk-by. Tell them you'll be walking down their street at a certain time and encourage them to say hello from their porch or window. It adds happiness and spontaneity during these mundane times.


Snail Mail

Send a note in the mail to a friend. There's nothing more fun than getting something in your mailbox that someone took the time to write for you. (always be careful about cleaning your hands before and after handling mail)


Got any other ideas or ways you're staying connected to others? Share with us at

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